Spring Valley Social Audit by PLANACT and Ndifuna Ukwazi (May 2016)

Emalahleni municipality provides the water service through temporal measures. For the past years they have delivered water to the community through the use of service provider (Pholabas General Dealer) by Trucks, but the demand from the community is to have a permanent solution that will give the community dignity and sense of relief.

This report presents the main findings of a social audit that was conducted in Springvalley informal settlement during the month of February 2016. The audit was conducted with the support of InternationalBudget Partnership and other partners namely;Social Justice Coalition (SJC) and Ndifuna ukwazi (NU). Planact undertook the social audit following the resident’s dissatisfaction with water service delivery within the settlement.
The Social Audit aimed at holding the municipality accountable for water provision in the informal settlement and ensuring that residents exercise their constitutional rights.