Wolwerivier Social Audit (November 2015)

Wolwerivier relocation camp was built by the City of Cape Town on an isolated farm 30km from the CBD. Today, as when the site was identified and developed, it remains far away from the amenities and economic opportunities needed for a sustainable, integrated and well serviced community.

Since being relocated to Wolwerivier, the community of Skandaalkamp have struggled from this isolation. The City’s position that Wolwerivier is in a “growth corridor”, which will be well located in the future, rings hollow for poor and unemployed residents who currently have to walk for hours or spend what little money they have on transport to access work, education and health care in urban areas. Residents decided to conduct a social audit to share these challenges.

The fact is that many of the problems were foreseeable and were discussed in meetings, comments and documents in the possession of the City. Today residents held a public meeting to share the final report. However, the City declined to send representatives to accept the report and hear the experiences of people living in Wolwerivier.