Within available capacity and resources, SAN can assist organisations and/or communities
wanting to do social audits, in the following ways:

  • SAN has access to a range of materials including guides, training programmes, short films and past social audit questionnaires and reports, all of which can be used for training. Most of these materials are available on the SAN website but can also be sent on request.
  • In preparation for the social audit SAN can provide guidance and advice on accessing and analysing government information.
  • If technical expertise is required for a social audit, for example an engineer, SAN can assist in accessing relevant experts.
  • SAN can offer guidance on engaging government before, during and after the social audit.
  • In some cases SAN can provide experienced facilitators to support social audit training, data collection and analysis.
  • SAN can offer strategic inputs into the process of developing an advocacy campaign to follow on from the social audit process.
  • A social audit is a community-led process of reviewing of crucial documents to determine whether the public expenditure and service delivery outcomes reported by the government really reflect the public money spent and the services received by the community.

    Social Audit Network
  • The contractors [service providers] started to contact us [community leaders and workers] after the social audit took place

    Community Leader from Harry Gwala Informal Settlements
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